CURIOSITIES OF OUR BODY (Try it, if works then is not a FAKE)

1. If you itchy throat, scratch your ear: Pressing the nerves of the ear, it creates a reflex in the throat that immediately causes spasms and relieves discomfort.
2.For listen better use only one side of the ear: If you're in a club and not hear well what you say, turn your head and use only your right do I heard, as it distinguishes better conversations, while the left identifies songs that sound best on.
3. To withstand the urge to go to the toilet thinks about sex: When not resist the urge to urinate and have a bathroom nearby, think sex. That entertains your brain and reduces stress.
4. Cough while you are vaccinated reduce pain:
A group of German scientists discovered that if you cough when injected, will increase the pressure on the chest and spine, which inhibits drivers spinal pain.
5. If you have a stuffy nose: Press your upper palate and nose. Touch the hard palate and tongue with a finger holding the nose under the brow. This allows secretions can move and breathe.
6.When you have heartburn sleeping on your left side: This creates an angle between the stomach and esophagus, to acids can not pass into the throat.

7.When a tooth hurts rub an ice in your hand: You must pass the piece of ice in the area in a "v" that occurs between the thumb and forefinger of the other party to the palm. This reduces by 50% the pain, as this sector is connected to the pain receptors in the face.
8. When you burn, press the wound with a finger: After cleaning the affected area, go hand pressure on the burn, as it returns to the initial temperature and prevents blisters. (For small burns)
9. When you're drunk: Put hands on a table or stable surface. If you do this, your brain will regain a sense of balance and avoid everything revolve around you.
10. When running , breathe when lean left foot: This will prevent itching feeling in the chest, because if you breathe when you lay the right foot, causes pressure in the liver.
11. If you nosebleed, make pressure with your finger: If you lie back you can drown in your blood, so your best bet is to press your finger on the side of your nose when you have bleeding.
12.For heartbeat monitor when you're nervous: Put your thumb in your mouth and blows, this will help your heart to stop beating so fast from breathing.
13.For relieve headache when you drink very cold water: By drinking something frozen, cools the palate and the brain interprets it. So you must place your tongue on the palate to return to its normal temperature.
14. Lack of vision when you're in front of the PC? When you put your eyes on a nearby object like a computer, the view becomes tired and fails. To do this, close your eyes, gets the body and hold your breath for a moment. Then relax everything. Holy remedy.
15. Wake up to your hands and feet moving your head asleep: When you sleep a hand or arm, turn your head from side to side and watch the feeling passes in less than 1 minute as the upper extremities fall asleep, by pressure on the neck. Meanwhile, if a leg or foot, walking only a few seconds.
16. Easy method to hold their breath under water: Before you dive, make many quick breaths and strong to make the blood acid disappears, as this is causing the sensation of drowning.

17. Memorize texts at night: Anything you read before bed, you will remember more easily ...

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